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My career revolves around the written word. I started life as a translator back when I first encountered my first foreign language: German. For some reason, German stuck with me and I studied it at university alongside picking up Modern Greek. I graduated from King's College London with a  bachelor's degree in German and Modern Greek Studies. I then completed an internship at the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission. After this, I pursued my master's degree in translation.
Nowadays, I work as a translator, bilingual reviewer, quality assurance specialist and proofreader. The language directions I offer are: German to English and Greek to English. I am familiar with both UK and US English conventions. I take on a variety of areas in terms of translation, however I have significant experience in marketing and life sciences. I also take on pure proofreading and editing jobs. So whether you have a German or Greek text to translate into English or you just need something in English proofread, I'm sure my services will satisfy your needs.

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