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Globalisation is a thing

Welcome to my new site for KMF Translation & Proofreading. As you may have read, I am your English translator, proofreader and quality assurance specialist. If you've got a text in German, Greek or English, I'm sure I can help you perfect the final product.

Some people don't know this but translators actually offer a lot more services than just translation. Nowadays, with globalisation being well and truly here in front of us, we can no longer avoid the linguistic challenges that most companies face. Think of a big company that's pretty much in every country. Got one? Okay, so how do you think they succeed in each and every country? Do they just use the same language, name and slogan all over the world? No! To be a success in a country, you have to speak the language and breathe the culture of people that live there. Does Tesco sell custard creams (a well-known biscuit in the UK) everywhere? No, of course not; they have to adapt their products for the demographic. And the same goes for the language they use. Enter the translator!

Because of globalisation, translators have a whole host of tasks to do. We don't just translate any old text. I mean, we do, but we also offer localisation services, and cultural and linguistic advice. We also transcreate, which is essentially creating a brand new text from the source language. It's great fun actually.

So, before you condemn a translator to just being a translator, remember what I said and think of us when you need to market your new company in another country.

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