KMF Translation & Proofreading Services

Below you will find all of the services I offer. If you're not sure where your project falls under, simply get in touch and I will assess your needs.

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Pure translation into English

- Translation of your document from the source language to English.
- Proofreading of final text.
-One set of revisions based on feedback.

Bilingual Revision

- A review of an existing translation.
- A fresh pair of eyes for your text.
- Quality assurance to make sure your text is exactly how you want it to be.


- For texts tied deeply to culture that cannot be easily translated.
- Creative solution for your source text that really resonates with natives.
- As many revisions as you need to perfect your text.

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Checking Text on a Document
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English proofreading

- Proofreading of any English text.
- Includes checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
-Perfect for finished texts that just need the final eye.
*If your text needs heavy editing, please choose the Editing service.

English editing

- For texts that need a bit more than proofreading.
- Perfect for texts written by non-native speakers.
- Includes proofreading (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.)
- Rewriting of problem areas if needed.

Cultural advice for the UK

- Great for companies looking to expand to the UK.

- I will give you advice on the inner psyche of the British individual.

- I will give you an insight into British culture; it's not all fish and chips and tea!

- Can include translations or a review of translations to ensure your message reaches the British demographic (subject to combination with other services).